Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Brookner Pet Cavalcade

When I was thinking up prizes for IABD I thought a photo contest might be in order. But I thought such a contest needed a little, um, focus. And so the pictures of your pet reading Brookner category was born. And the irony is not lost on me. I can't really think if there were ever any pets in an Anita Brookner novel--I rather doubt it--but doesn't it seem like her characters could all use the unrequited love of a pet?

So, here are the entries. If I am missing yours, please let me know. I feel like there is at least one more swirling around out there that I am forgetting.

My favorite blogging Border Collie, Deacon dresses up to read Brookner.
Roses Over a Cottage Door

This species of bear is generally fun loving but is also known for its quiet intensity.
Rupert is clearly mesmermized by Verity's copy of The Bay of Angels.

Unlike the typical Brookner character, Charles has an appetite.
The Reading Life

Ritchey and Hops obviously read at different speeds. But it looks like
they are both close readers. No doubt they assist Julia with her reviews.

Sandy comes to a particularly good bit in The Bay of Angels.
Michelle Foong

Roger takes a break from Lewis Percy
Chip contemplates eating the page once he has read it.
Luvvie's Musings

And, of course, Lucy. (And her indifference to Providence.)


  1. These are all so will be a difficult choice for the judges indeed. Chip wishes them all the best with their deliberatons !

  2. I can't believe I forgot Chip. Not only has he been added, but he got his own late in the day post.

  3. Chip is humbled by his inclusion in this worthy throng of Brookner afficionados and begs me to pass on his deepest gratitude.

  4. Aawww, aren't they all so sweet!?