Sunday, October 14, 2012

Penguin, how could you?

This Anita Brookner novella is only available in e-format and that e-format isn't available in the United States. (At least according to iBooks, and Penguin's website.)


Another reason to hate e-readers. If this was a real book only available in the UK, I could at least have a friend buy it and mail it to me.

Anyone know a way around this?


  1. This is what I will do for Anita Brookner: 1) update my itunes software, 2) sync my iPad, 3) update my iPad OS, 4) download kindle for iPad app, 5) get an Amazon account, 6) sync my Amazon account with my Kindle for iPad, 7) go to Amazon and buy At the Hairdresser's, 8) go back to my iPad to read...

  2. Bless you Thomas. I hope you manage to find a way to download it on Kindle. Download and Kindle sound Greek to me (a friend has helped me with downloading this book onto his kindle so that I could read this story). I had a look at amazon website for a real book to see if I could buy it for you. But unfortunately, Kindle download is the only option on their website. It just reminds us that the technology has its own limitation.